Friday, 31 October 2014

Sweatshirt Workshop

On October 18th two members of the Guild, Jean Drozda and Sheila Gibson, taught a workshop at the Ferguson Forestry Centre for some of our members.   At the end of the day participants had almost completed their own jacket, with embellishment!  Personal fittings, expert advice and lots of fun made the day a great success.
Jean, one of the instructors, giving a personal fitting to Bev.

Carmen working hard at getting the jacket done.

Theresa, just starting to add embelishments to her jacket front.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Just part of another great meeting!

"Sew & Tell"  October

At every meeting we always have time for members to show us what they have been working on.  This feature is called  "Sew & Tell" .  It's a part of the meeting that is appreciated by everyone.   Here's a few of the quilts featured the October meeting.
Two friends, Betty and Beth, get together weekly to work on their quilts. Here's two quilts that they recently finished.  The pattern is called "Star Spin"

Here's a close up of Betty's Quilt. 

And here's Beths .

Bev and her mother Pat brought in matching lap quilts that will be going to the cottage soon.
These were the result of a Beginner Quilting Course at Kemptville Fabrics.

  Pat brought in her "Friendship Star" quiltmade from seven years of collected scraps.

Nellie made a lap quilt for Children's Services
 from the Block of the Month Pattern.

Sandy finished this huge "modern" quilt from fabric purchased years ago in Philadelphia.

Carmen finished her "Wonky Star" quilt for her son who is now in university. It's reversible!

Just one of the quilts made by Sheila over the summer.  This is another use for the Block of the Month pattern.

One of Sheila's favourite blocks used in a quilt and in a place mat. Very Versatile!

And a Texas Star, made by Sheila too. 

Erla believes that everyone needs a Stadium quilt,
when going to there favourite team's game

This chenille baby quilt made by Jean will be very appreciated by a new mother!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

"Off the Grid" with Laura Piggot, Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild

Our Theme this year is "Make it Modern" and who better to introduce us to this genre in quilting than Laura Piggot, the President of the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild.
Laura spoke about the modern quilt movement and who has been influential in its development.  She also introduced us to The Modern Quilt Guild International, Quilt Con - the international Modern Quilt Guild conference and show, as well as Zakka, the trend in making useful, handmade items for your home.  It was great to get a list of all the Blogs and websites that are currently trending.
Laura Piggot

Quilts, items for your home and fabric samples
were all part of the presentation.

A simple design, very tightly quilted, with great
appeal to everyone!

A current project using fabulously colorful fabric.
Can't wait to see the finished quilt on the blog!

This is a 'quilt as you go' project.  This block is about
18 inches square, and very tightly quilted. Gorgeous!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

April Trunk Show with Susan Purney Mark

This is one Trunk Show our members have been very excited about since it was announced months ago.  Susan Purney Mark is a well known author, teacher and fabric artist.  We were all thrilled to hear her talk about her life and how she has gone from a student to a teacher, from a traditional quilter to a fabric artist.
Below are a few of the items she showed us in her trunk show. It was a very interesting night, and it included the opportunity to purchase some hand dyed fabrics, books by Susan and beautiful hand dyed embroidery threads.  
Susan telling us the only ``Fat Qaurter`` joke that she has ever found!!

An early scrappy quilt that was quilted on the bias.

The original stained glass pattern designed by Susan.

A beautiful use of hand dyed fabric.

This was a spectacular night!  Meeting Susan Purney Mark was a great thrill and hearing her speak about her quilting life was amazing.  We have been fortunate for this opportunity to meet a professional and see her work.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Purse Workshop on March 1st.

What a great way to spend a snowy Saturday!   Seven women, lots of coffee and goodies, and a great teacher  equals one happy group.   We gathered with our fabric cut and eager to start on a project that was a bit intimidating to all of us.   A completed "Margo Handbag" by Lazy Girl Designs was our goal; and by mid afternoon we were overjoyed to see a completed purse!

This is not a simple pattern, but with the help of our wonderful teacher, Betty, and a lot of consultation with fellow sewers, Everyone completed their bag on the day!  Congratulations, and   lets see them all at the MARCH meeting.

Lots of pieces, and a mystery as to how it all goes together, But IT DOES!

Carmen and Beth hard at work!

Theresa workin' that machine!

Jean getting it done!

Carmen with a finished bag ready for a night out!

Theresa will be stopping traffic with this Gucci bag!

Jean's is ready for summer!

Fran will be the centre of attention with this pastel beauty!

And Beth once again makes one to match her outfit!

Here's mine at home waiting for it's debut!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR - January Meeting

To start off the year with a bang, we had three members of our Guild do a trunk show.   It's so inspiring to see the creations of other Guild Members.    Work by Marion, Laurette and Lillian were shown with the help of Gillian.
This Texas Star ANTIQUE quilt is from Laurette's family.

One of the many applique quilts we saw.

Marion made this gorgeous quilt.
The blocks are Japanese family crests!

Another lovely applique, made by Marion.
Applique and embroidery by Marion.

Art work by Marion.

Art work by Laurette

Spiral Bargelo table runner

Very detailed Christmas tree decorations by Lillian.