Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Virtual Bed Turning for Canada Day 2020

North Grenville and Juice FM are hosting a Virtual Canada Day in North Grenville Celebration.
The Kemptville Quilters Guild has created a Virtual Bed Turning based on many of the quilts and stories shared at the September 2019 meeting.
Here is a link to the video - have a cup of tea and enjoy! Happy Canada Day!

(Please feel free to share the link provided or view it on our Facebook page)

Monday, 8 June 2020

3 More quilts for Outreach

Marjorie has been busy making quilts for the outreach program.  The sewing never ends.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

June KQG Meeting cancelled


 the Kemptville Quilters Guild meeting for June 8th IS CANCELLED due to restriction imposed by the Government of Ontario and the Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Public Health Unit.

Check out the June Newsletter regarding the Annual General Meeting and the Election of  the Executive.  If you are a member you will receive an email ballot on June 8th.  In it is the Slate of Officials for the upcoming year.  Also there will be instructions so you can participate in the Election.
Please respond to the Email by June 15th.  Shortly after that there will be an announcement about the results.

Have a great summer everyone!

Here’s some inspiration for a summer project. Thanks to Bev Cooper for ‘My Enchanted Garden’


Saturday, 4 April 2020


      The April and May meetings have been CANCELLED. 

              More information will follow regarding the JUNE meeting 

                               and the Election of a new Executive. 

Friday, 3 April 2020

UFO One Block Wonder

Marjorie Graham writes,

I’ve been working on this quilt top with a Civid -19 influence.... I had about 20 blocks left out from over from making the One Block Wonder Stack and Whack quilt we made about 3 years ago.  The blocks kept turning up when I was looking for other material.  Finally decided to get to them:).  
Will have to wait to get some batting to finish all the quilt tops too, but getting lots of sewing done.  

The front,
And the back!

Quarantine Quilts April 3, 2020

Bev Cooper  writes, 

Like many other quilters I’ve been spending a lot of time in my sewing room. This is My Enchanted Garden. My first wool appliqué project started in 2016 with Linda Prior-Hobbs. There’s nothing like jumping in at the deep end and although it has taken me 3 1/2 years to complete I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  Wool and cotton appliqué on cotton.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

National Quilt Day continues.....

Anne Rankin sent these pictures for us to enjoy, thanks Anne.

My contribution to National Quilt Day.

 Please comment below, and if you wish to keep sending pictures, I’ll keep posting them.  Pat

National Quilters Day, keeps on ticking!

The photos keep on coming!

Danielle writes... Greetings from Russell!  I showed your email to my daughter who lives in Kemptville. She placed her quilt that I made for her for her Wedding on her veranda.

The second is a quilt I made. I just thought it was cheerful.  Thanks for this.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

National Quilters Day, March 21

Debi, thanks for your photo!

 They are really flying here!

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos,  it’s quite a show!   

National Quilting Day, March21

Nancy sent these photos in and writes....

My neighbors think I’ve lost it... then I sent them a notice that it was National Quilters Day..... great idea.

Please leave comments below!   

National Quilters Day, March 21

Nienke from Greeley shares this photo with us, thanks Nienke!

National Quilters Day, March 21

Margaret  Carlson has a couple quilts that came out today!

Thanks Mary!  Keep on Quilting!   and hope to see you soon!

More for National Quilters Day, March 21.

Marjorie Graham sent in these two pictures, Thanks Marjorie.

Lovely bright sunshine to enjoy the quilts.... 

National Quilters Day, March 21

These pictures were sent by Gayle Holmes in Kemptville.  

The first blanket was pieced 47 years ago before gender reveal parties.  The others were handed down to me, some likely made in early 1900’s.

Sweet little Sunbonnet Sue

I’d love to see theses up close.  
Thanks for send these pictures so we can all appreciate them.  
Please comment below. 

National Quilt Day! Saturday, March 21!

Michelle sends these great pictures from Russell,  thanks so much!

Sending some love to the neighborhood.......

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