Saturday, 20 April 2013

CORNWALL, Quilts on the Seaway

WOW, WOW, WOW!!   What a great show!  The Cornwall Quilters Guild is celebrating their their 20th Anniversary with a fantastic show.  I found it hard to believe that only 65 members could produce so many quilts.  The show was displayed at the Trinity United Church which as you will see is a huge space.  There were over 200 items in the church itself and the small church hall.   It was quite impressive.  Take a look!

I spoke to some of the women who were from the Cornwall Quilters Guild and they said all the comments from visitors were positive.  One woman said that it was nice to see the quilts like they would appear on a bed!  Definitely a new perspective!

CORNWALL, Quilt of Belonging

What a wicked day to be travelling down to Cornwall!!   Windy, snowy, rainy and cold!!  Yucky combination.   But when I got there I was totally distracted.
The NAV Centre on the east side of Cornwall was the location for the Quilt of Belonging.  It is phenomenal!  Really worth the trip!   It fills up the whole room, with a huge array of colour.  120 feet long, and 10 feet high, it has 263 hand made blocks, 70 First Nations and 192 ethnic blocks with a Canadian block in the centre of the top border.   I'm not going to go through all the history of this remarkable item,  suffice to say, it is a tribute to the diversity of our Canadian population and to the women who made it.  For future exhibits, and more about the history check out the website   Here's a few pictures I took. 

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Here's the members of our Guild down in Prescott at We R Quilts, taking the Weekender Bag workshop with Mary and Trish from Harebrained Happenings.   If you are interested in getting a pattern or the kit, "We R Quilts" in Prescott have some on hand.   There will be a few bags on display at the May meeting of the Guild too!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


The April meeting of KQG featured Mary and Trish from Scarborough, the dynamic duo making up HAREBRAINED HAPPENINGS.   Not only did they bring some fabulous quilts, wall hangings, and bags, they brought their patterns too.  And on Tuesday, they will be teaching a full day workshop on The Weekender Bag!   Check out thier website  for more information about patterns.  Here`s a look at a few of their creations.

Mary and Trish took a class but added a few original blocks to this pattern to make it a unique beauty.

PENQUINS ON PARADE!   Two samples of the same pattern, but slightly different interpretation!  This is one of their orginal patterns, and surely must be a popular one. 

HOUSE SAMPLER.  This beauty  has a lot of embellishments, and a gorgeous primitive theme!

Raw Edge Applique was used in this pattern called   "Munch a Bunch".  Whimsical animals play a big role in many of Mary and Trish`s patterns! 

This was a great presentation, and a great night out.  Check out Mary and Trish's web site to see more patterns and order them on line!  

Hope to be seeing a few creations at SEW AND TELL in the future! 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Last night,  April 2nd,  Theresa McCaig,  Jean Drozda and I went down to Morrisburg to give a trunk show.  There were about 40 very receptive wome in the audience!  We showed 45 items,  some antique quilts belonging to Theresa, a collection of quilts which I made for them, (that's a long story) and  then a few of my own. 
We ended the show with four quilts made by members of the KQG.   Charlotte Berube lent us her Carousel Quilt which was a prize winner at the Metcalfe Fair, and Sandy White lent us three of her quilts.  We ended with Sandy's prize winning applique called Affairs of the Heart which has won two awards, and been shown at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington.
It was a great night, with a very big ending! 

Here's a few pictures!

Pat Kiteley,  Jean Drozda and Theresa McCaig ready to show!

                                                          45 quilts waiting to shine!

Sandy White's "Affairs of the Heart"  A show stopper!!