Nominating Committee Procedures

1.       A committee of people – preferably three, should undertake the job. 

2.       The committee should review these procedures .

3.       An up to date phone list should be supplied to each one of the members of the  committee.

4.       The committee should divide the list of Executive, and Volunteers into two or three depending how many people are on the Nominating Committee.  Then they can start contacting  everyone and  ask if they wish to continue in the position they have held this year OR if they wish to take on another position.   This could be done by email.   In order to keep this process moving it would be good to ask for a response within three days.

5.       Once the committee has an idea of what positions are vacant they should develop their strategy.  If the position of President is vacant, this is the first priority.   It is possible to start PHONING the membership to recruit for the vacant positions.

6.       The names of those who are continuing on should be removed from the phone list. 

7.       If anyone on the Nominating Committee does not know what the responsibilities are for a particular position they should read the short description about that particular position. 

8.       The calling sometimes takes a few tries to get in touch with some people and it’s surprising what happens in a phone call, rather than an e_mail which is so easy to dismiss.

9.       IF A PERSON IS INTERESTED IN TAKING ON A POSITION,   then that information should be IMMEDIATELY relayed to the others on the committee so that they can strike that position from the list.

The conversation.

Start the call with introducing yourself and explaining why you are calling.  Then  ask them if they have a few minutes to hear about the positions that are available for next year;   if not,  would it  be better for me to call back at a different time.    If they have time, begin by listing the positions that are available.   Then I ask if there are any positions that they would like to learn about.   This allows the person to show if they are even slightly interested in a position.   Never worry about pressuring people into doing something they don’t want to.   A straight question gets a straight answer.

Once the phone list has been completed, then hopefully every position has been filled.   If not, perhaps a second call to someone who was apprehensive can make them reconsider.  

It’s not a foolproof method, but hopefully will stir up enough interest to get a group of people for the organization. 

Duties of the Guild Executive
1.        President - Executive
a.        Chair monthly Guild meetings and Executive meetings
b.       Set the calendar dates for the upcoming year
c.        Solve problems
d.       Be signing authority on Guild bank account

3.        Treasurer - Executive
a.        Keep a balanced set of books for the guild
b.       Receive membership dues from the members
c.        Keep an up-to-date members list and circulate it to the executive and Newsletter
d.       Prepare cheques for speakers and teachers and Church use.
e.       Reimburse members who spend money on Guild operations
f.         Balance the Guild bank account 
g.       Prepare annual budget for the AGM
h.       Ensure the Guild Books are audited for the AGM
i.         Attend Executive meetings
J.        Operate the 50/50 draw at meetings
4.       Secretary - Executive
a.        Attend Executive meetings and take minutes
b.     Distribute minutes of Executive meetings to the Executive members in a timely fashion
c.      Take minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
d.      Distribute minutes of the AGM to the Executive members for review
e.      Distribute minutes of the AGM to the general membership prior to the following AGM
f.       Send cards to members who are sick or bereaved - buy cards, and stamps and submit receipts
g.     Maintain attendance records of members and guests attending meetings
h.     Act as guild archivist for electronic and hard copies of tiles and other guild items
5.    Director
                a.      Ensure room is set up correctly for meetings.
     b.    Help anyone who is participating in the meeting to get ready.  
               BOM, Sew and Tell, Challenges,  Visiting  shops etc.
     c.   Greet members as they arrive at  meetings
     d.    Greet new members and give them a New Member package. 
     e.      Set up sound system if necessary.

6. Program Director
a.        Determine a Program for the year well in advance of the dates.
b.       Supply the proposed program to the Executive and the Newsletter Editor in advance of the dates
c.        A member of the Committee should attend all Executive Meetings and report on the arrangements made with speakers, teachers, costs, and other details.
d.       Book the facility for all events and ensure that the setup is appropriate. 

Guild Volunteers
1.        Librarian
a.        Make suggestions of new books for the library to the Executive.
b.       Purchase new books for the library with Guild funds
c.        Ensure books are ready to circulate in a timely fashion
d.       Prepare an attractive book display for each meeting.
e.       Be prepared to review a book at monthly meeting if time allows.
f.         Keep the Library tidy and attractive.
2.        Hostesses – two people
a.        Circulate a sign up list in JUNE for montly donation of refreshments.
b.       Ensure the liquid refreshments (coffee, tea, water) are available at the meetings.
c.        Keep the kitchen clean and tidy at all the meetings.
d.       Ensure there is sufficient stock to supply the liquid refreshments.

5.        Outreach Coordinator
a.        Organize and store the Guild stash and available kits
b.       Ensure that Quilt kits are available at each monthly meetings for members to take home
c.        Provide members with batting if they wish, at the cost of the Guild.
d.       Collect completed quilts , and deliver them to Family Services in Kemptville in a timely fashion
e.       If needed, organize a workshop to prepare kits, and teach simple techniques for preparing a kit.
6.       Block of the Month
a.        Find an interesting quilt pattern for the annual BOM
b.       Distribute patterns to members interested in participating.

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