Monday, 17 June 2013

OUT OF AFRICA Quilt Exhibition

A few members of the KQG went to London Ontario for the OUT OF AFRICA  Quilt Exhibition the second week of June.  This was a unique opportunity to see over 150 items made by women in various African countries.   As a special addition to the exhibit, the TENT MAKERS OF CAIRO displayed 10 of their creations as well.  These items are made of cotton fabric appliqued onto canvas.

It`s hard to describe how fabulous this exhibit was.  Seeing items made half way around the world, reading the stories about what inspired the makers,  learning about cotton production and sales in Ghana, was a heady experience.   Great memories from this event;  well worth the long drive. 
Here`s a few pictures of some of the items.

                                               The Tent Makers of Cairo

This applique is called `The Tree of Life` and measures 93 x 99.  Look carefully and you will see a  large number of birds, some of which are standing in front of the tree on the ground. 
Mohsen, from the Al Farouk Shop created this applique.
It has a crenelated center, with Roman and Islamic multi color symbols. 
It measures 58 x 57 inches.
This item is 40 x 39 inches and features a Lotus Star and Lotus border all appliqued on Black.
This item from the Tent Makers of Cairo was also very large,  89 x 90 inches. and
featured multi colored representations of plants. 
These items were from various other African countries.
Jewels of Kenya. 

                                                                     Egyptian symbols

Enjoying the Serenity

All hand dyed fabric.

Urban Africa

Samburu Zebras at Harvest Moon

This item features in stamps of various African animals.

"Maidens"   Beautifully embroidered clothes and jewelry on silhouettes of women.
This was my favourite item in the show!

These ginney foul are machine stitched onto a neutral background
with embellishment along the bottom.

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  1. What a Great Display this was. I really enjoyed this show.