Wednesday, 12 September 2018

October 15, 2018

Upcoming  Guest Speaker 

                    October 15, 2018                         
                      Bridget O'Flaherty, Thread Artist


I am inspired by nature. I am passionate about our environment and I feel an intimate connection to the landscape and wildlife of Canada.  I have worked in textile arts for over 25 years and am drawn to fibre for the tactile nature and connection to the land it has. I use my sewing machine to build up layers of multi-coloured thread ‘drawing’ with needle and thread to convey the image.  I begin with local wool from a neighbouring sheep farm, process it and create felted fabric to use in the detailed wildlife and landscape embroideries I create. I use combinations of local, recycled content, organic thread and materials, botanical dyes and sustainably managed, local wood in every original work.  Depicting our Canadian landscape, the precious eco-systems and wildlife with eco-fibre art, I hope the viewer will take away an appreciation and connection to the beautiful, fragile aspects in nature.
For inquiries and a CV contact me directly:
Thread painting by Bridget OFlaherty Guesthouse_custom-order

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