Saturday, 30 March 2013

April Newsletter OUT

Hi Girls,   the April Newsletter is out.   I haven't learnt how to post it to the Blog yet, but am working on it!   See you all at the meeting on Monday, April 8th.   Looking forward to a great trunk show.

In the meantime, Theresa, Jean, Kathrine and I are heading down to Morrisburg to do our Trunk SHow on April 2nd.!   It's going to be a great one too.  I've borrowed two FABULOUS applique quilts to add to our lot.   Sandy and Charlotte have kindly allowed us to bring along a sample of their talent.   Since the Morrisburg group loves applique, this will really impress them.  

Keep on stichin'  Pat K.                                            

Working on my own Log Cabin quilt, and will post a picture of it soon.  This one is giving me some inspiration, Of course anything with blue in it is atttractive to me!

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