Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Last night,  April 2nd,  Theresa McCaig,  Jean Drozda and I went down to Morrisburg to give a trunk show.  There were about 40 very receptive wome in the audience!  We showed 45 items,  some antique quilts belonging to Theresa, a collection of quilts which I made for them, (that's a long story) and  then a few of my own. 
We ended the show with four quilts made by members of the KQG.   Charlotte Berube lent us her Carousel Quilt which was a prize winner at the Metcalfe Fair, and Sandy White lent us three of her quilts.  We ended with Sandy's prize winning applique called Affairs of the Heart which has won two awards, and been shown at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington.
It was a great night, with a very big ending! 

Here's a few pictures!

Pat Kiteley,  Jean Drozda and Theresa McCaig ready to show!

                                                          45 quilts waiting to shine!

Sandy White's "Affairs of the Heart"  A show stopper!!


  1. What a great presentation! Loved the variety of items that you brought.

  2. Thank-you Pat..this is a Great Blog!