Saturday, 20 April 2013

CORNWALL, Quilt of Belonging

What a wicked day to be travelling down to Cornwall!!   Windy, snowy, rainy and cold!!  Yucky combination.   But when I got there I was totally distracted.
The NAV Centre on the east side of Cornwall was the location for the Quilt of Belonging.  It is phenomenal!  Really worth the trip!   It fills up the whole room, with a huge array of colour.  120 feet long, and 10 feet high, it has 263 hand made blocks, 70 First Nations and 192 ethnic blocks with a Canadian block in the centre of the top border.   I'm not going to go through all the history of this remarkable item,  suffice to say, it is a tribute to the diversity of our Canadian population and to the women who made it.  For future exhibits, and more about the history check out the website   Here's a few pictures I took. 

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